I’m not the unit of barter
Though many oft equate me so

Suffice not of a resource to waste
Lest not you be that fool at 40

I will not fail to tell
Whether for good or for bad

None robs of me
Like ”the art of putting off till later”

Of me you’ll never have your  fill
Nor can I satiate the sleep of 6-feet down

No beginning, no end have I
The vastness of me, none can tell

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8 responses to “Time

  1. Very well said Yemie. Time na money. So says the first 2 lines. Only divine wisdom can enable us count our days. Thanks as always for your heartwarming and enlightening comments as usual. I’m very encouraged.

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  2. Lovely piece of poetry Honeycomb! I love that illustration and the very concept of time in itself is pretty scary! Mike Okri, an artiste of old says ‘ Time na money’ and I say ‘spot on’! Once time goes by, that’s it; its pretty difficult to recoup or redeem; not unless God Himself has something to do with it! 😊

    May the Good Lord teach us to number our days, so we can apply our hearts unto wisdom IJN, Amen! 😇😃

    Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking piece Zee, and do have you a most glorious Easter Season Celebration too! Mwah! 💖✌😀

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