Ole Gran’

ole gran1

Ole Gran’

I have me here this ragged doll
You gave me it when I turned 5
I’ll not forget this story book
That was your gift when I turned 10
It’s got the best stories ever told
When I turned 15, you got me my first guitar
You said life was nothing without music
And if I could make mine, the better!
At 20, you gave me this camera
Again, you said, “life’s nothing without memories”
“Create your own”
These memories have made me
But not as much as your greatest gift –
Your ear – your listening ear
That I find priceless
Into it I spoke, whispered, confided, sang,
Sometimes shouted and nagged
Even when you disapproved, you still listened
What’s an orphan to do without one like you?
Thanks ole gran’ for being you.


6 responses to “Ole Gran’

  1. Wow! This is really heartwarming! Beyond all of the gifts that’s become like heirlooms or memorabilia, that was bestowed this precious one is the realization that a listening ear actually DOES trump and take the cake in the end! That really grabs Zee, a lot! LOL

    Beyond whatever gifts I receive in life, its always the thoughts that goes forth for me first and foremost, before the gift; cause it makes me all the more aware, that am really being spared some thought and I DO matter and mean something to someone! So I can pretty much appreciate and understand that wholesome feeling coming from an orphan!

    God bless you Honeycomb for penning this, and to all the orphans out there; I say; better days lie ahead, y’all are not alone! God with us all, shalom! Mwah! *laughing*

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    • Thank you Yemie. I remember reading a story many years ago, I don’t remember the exact details but what I do remember is how the little boy appreciated someone for sparing him his time. We really never know what effect we’re having on someone by lending him that ear or just a few secs. Until that person finds the opportunity to tell us. So here’s me seizing this opportunity to say to you, ”thank you for your time girl.” You rock.💛

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