Abide With Me


Image courtesy http://desireu.co.uk

The Beginning.
No, you’re not The Beginning
But you are the beginning
Of my joys and happinesses
They start with you

The End.
No, you’re not The End
But you are the end of my miseries
Before you they die the death

The Eternal
No, you’re not The Eternal
But I bid thee
Abide with me a lifetime

And never!
Of us asunder
Never try to ponder


24 responses to “Abide With Me

  1. Wow. So ordinarily I don’t do poems much, but this. This is apt. Easy to understand and deep. Beginning,End and Eternal. Wow.

    I’m glad I stopped by Zik. You’re doing an amazing work here!
    I should feature you on my blog soon. Whatyathink ma’am? 😉

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    • Hello Mimi. Thank you for coming by my space. I’m sure what you find here doesn’t amount to much so I’m humbled that you can even consider featuring me on your limelight blog. Hahaha. I love the challenge through. At least would give me the chance to rack this busy brain☺. I say yes and hop onto your wagon 😊


  2. This is sweet…
    Relationship described in the way it was meant to be. A woman’s first and eternal lover is her Lord, the one who gives her life, the one who loves her more than any other, and the One who teaches her to love and embrace love; the One who is love Himself and the source from which love flows from her heart.
    Then she can bond with her man, her soul mate (by an eternal union), her lover and her lord.
    It is only when this order is followed that bliss as it meant to be- an overflowing of pleasure both from above and across- can be enjoyed in a marital union.

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  3. Oh Lord God Almighty, I’ve sooo fallen into a parallel universe and I simply CAN’T get up! Who REALLY are you?! I mean, REALLY?! *shell shocked* LMAO!

    You put together the most beautiful words! Wow! What can I possibly say Swag?! Clueless! You’re a HUGE deal, outta this world and you blow me away like phew! Na you biko! *smh* LOL

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  4. Oh My Goodness Honeycomb, this is soooo BANGING! Of Your Lord, and your lord! Do you get my drift though?! *winks* Dang! Its such a romantic composition, yet you say you aint an incurable and unapologetic romantic and I say ‘huh’?! LMAO!

    This is like ‘killing two beautiful birdies with a single stone’ as in ‘Deadshot’! And while Your Lord Your God’s drinking oh so rapturously of your praises and exhortation, the lord and king of your heart is swooned and dying a gazillion deaths in your loving arms! How cool’s that like seriously?! *eyelashes* LOL

    Bottomline, I find this masterpiece exactly that….a masterpiece! Brilliant, abso-friggin’-lutely! Double thumbs up Zee gurl and wisdom multiplied! I humble o! Wow! *courteseying* LOL

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    • Lol…Abso-frigging-lutely!!! ONLY YEMIE!! You have honed commentary into a beautiful art….I usually have to remind myself to close my mouth after reading you….you are the Yoda of literary knights….I doff, bow before your mastery as a privileged courtier in the royal court of your literary magnificence!

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      • Oh?! How can I possibly top these Swaggz?! How?! *shrugs*

        Can’t, so amma just……..*pass out* LMAO!

        Gosh! You know you’re unbelievable though, doncha?! Wow! Am just so speechless right now and for the lack of a better word, amma just settle for ….Thank You, plus, you DO rock! Mwah! LMAO!

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        • …you had topped it in advance….countless times….Your ability to analyse poetry beggars belief….Like Sherlock Holmes…you sniff out every nuance…every hidden meaning…every clue….turn them into colourful yarn then weave the most beautuful tapestry out of them….We can’t help but stare star struck in wonder… its amazing!

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      • Yes o doc. I couldn’t agree more. Yemie has taken commentary and made it into beautiful art. Seriously, I think she should start something like ”the art of commentary” or something like it, lol! 😃

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    • Yemieee! Thanks girl! I’m so blushing right now and actually ‘saluting’ at the sheer zest that’s so evident in your lines here. You’re one person who reads, understands and interprets the works of another, to the enlightenment of others. More wisdom sis. And thanks for bringing sunshine into our lives🌞💚💛🌞💜🌻🌝

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      • Aw! Am sooo tearing up right here, right now! You know I couldn’t possibly have pulled that off without you Zee, doncha?! If you’d absolutely nothing to muse ’bout, wherever would I get off; bringing in Sunshine to a blank space?! Its all of you darling, ALL! Keep soaring up high, I dey ya back like kilode gan! *winks* LMAO!

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