East’s Sunrise

Dim the lights
As nature calls

‘Ere twilight
Sundown must come

Men arise
Their weights lifting

East’s sunrise
Is finally here


9 responses to “East’s Sunrise

  1. “Ere twilight
    Sundown must come”
    My fave lines…to appreciate the light, we must needs have passed through darkness. To know happiness we must have tasted sorrow. There is no gain without pain

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  2. Sunrise (Youthfulness), depicts that time to get up and get going before the Sunset (when we’re but old and grey) and its time to call it a day! My people usually say ‘Owuro L’ojo’, so any who doesn’t do what they oughta by Sunrise, will have nothing to fall back on at Sunset, when all’s dark and activities have slowed down and or automatically come to a halt!

    Great thinking Zee, this I find multi-dimensional! Nice!!! LOL

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