Life these days
Passes by so quickly
Happening before we realize it
In the blink of an eye

We try to catch up
Lest we be left behind
The pace of it, overpowering
We jump on the fast lane

So we invent the Quickie
Our ever convenient accomplice
Actor major in our diet
Our clothing, our lifestyle

There’s quickie money
And quickie shelter
And even for the Sacred Due
You’ll find a quickie too

As with all things though
Quickie bows out in time
We’re forced to slow down
Else by the rush, we be drowned

Now is the time to breathe
Stretch, savor the taste, of things that matter
Wait not by the times to screech to a halt
We’ll run our races with limbs that are ours


9 responses to “Quickie

  1. That is the world where we are….we are conditioned to grab as much as we can in as little time as possible…everything is on fast forward and most times we are carried along with the current. But every once in a while we get a reality check….and learn to slow down and enjoy life

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  2. Quickie ei?! That smarts Honeycomb, a crazy hilarious title, nice pun there! Living life on the fast lane, in a breeze and we just get so lost in its haze, that we’re blindsided and clueless ’bout those around us especially our children and loved ones! We only get that wake-up call oft times, upon realizing that life’s perhaps passing us by and then its time to go back to the drawing board, do a re-assessment and get our ducks in a row!

    Breathe my darling! Take as much of a gust of fresh, unpolluted air as you can manage and just soar, on the wings of Eagles! Life’s beautiful, live it; only on your terms and at your own pace! Thanks for sharing, I picked up a life lesson, as reeled out in the final verse! Cheers! LOL

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    • I agree with you there dearie. And you know what? Not all wake-up calls give the chance to get back back to the drawing board, if you know what I mean…
      I think we should even now make a conscious effort to breathe….cos we must run at our pace and not that of others.


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