Judge me not

Judge me not
You know not my story
Not the half of it

Judge me not
You know not my struggle
Not the beginning of it

Judge me not
You see not thru my eyes
Hear not with my ears
No matter how you listen

Judge me not
You wear not my shoe
Know not where it pinches

Judge me not beloved
I say not much, I know
But in time, you will see why.


35 responses to “Judge me not

  1. Yes dear, thank you! I just got it and I’ve done the needful! So get to accepting mine invite as well and let’s get this show on the road already! This should be crazy, mad fun! Can’t wait! *winks* LMAO!

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  2. Hehehe! You gat that part straight darling! Thing though is, I’ve got the penchant for sniffing ’em out! Call it intuition, perception or just maybe a wild guess?! I just always seem to know genuine folks and I do well to pitch my tents with ’em! I don’t thrive where there’s beef, envy, jealousy, strife and hate, so wherever I sniff it; I’m sooo on my way! Out the door! We can’t be too careful these days, Sheep in Wolves’ clothings abide and abound out there, caution’s the word! God help us all! LMAO!

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  3. Aw! Thanks so much, ma soul sister! Indeed, Topazo was NOT wrong! Dude’s just soo mighty incredible! And yeah, virtual world with its many limitations as you’ve clearly stated, which is why we oughta just take our relatiomships to the real world with whomever we feel that undenaible chemistry with and see where it all leads, you know! Which is what I do, when I find and feel a person’s deep sincerity and warmth, otherwise; no dice! Better safe than sorry, too many phonies out there! LMAO!

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  4. Hello Zee, this a very lovely post and funny, I told a friend lately those very lines as conceived in the second to the final verse!

    A very beautiful mind you’ve got sweets, keep soaring up high! Cheers and God bless!

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