The only place I call home


I’m journeying back to the place – your heart

The only room whose doors never closed

I’m driving thru these streets – your ways

They hold familiar fondest memories

I’m totally trusting my tour guide – your hands

They work me thru the basics of the neighborhood

We come to a rare attraction – the scar

The unsavory relic of our breakup fight

Just across is the post office – your ears

In it I dropped every letter formed on my lips

I cannot forget the clinic – your bosom

It gave me the best therapy, second to none

I try to take a quick shot at the park – your mind

It inspired the best games ever

Finally, I stand at the door of your heart. You open.

Your eyes ask a million unbelieving times: Are you back for real, for good?

I murmur a thousand shameful yeses

I never should have broken this heart

The only place that ever was home

23 responses to “The only place I call home

  1. Aw! This is so romantic Honeycomb and I am totally charmed! Every line, you really took your pretty little time and made it work so well! Nothing beats that feeling of an erring, straying lover who finds his way back home to his beloved, who was just waiting in the wings, with arms loving and widespread, hopeful that her boo will come running right back to her, some day! Plus, I can tell you from thence on out, that those two will make very beautiful musics together, never to part no more! Gat till its gone, sometimes, it takes being on the verge of losing something magnificently precious, to jerk one back to reality and this right here, sounds so much like it! *winks* LOL

    Home’s where the heart is, the heart’s where we’ve gotten our treasures all stored up in, so really, there’s no place like home, no matter how far we travel or stray! Home, sweet blissful home! Awesome this, a masterpiece in all of its glorious entirety! You’ve got game ma sister, and aint nuttin’ lame ’bout your game! You go gurl, Wow! LMAO!

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    • ohh Yemms, I learn from every single comment you leave in my corner. You speak your own mind and you let us all have it, full blast.
      Indeed, coming back together after separation should solidify a relationship since it will afford them the chance to start on a clean slate.
      I’m hoping that people who are separated from their love, and see the need to go back, do not stay back from doing so.

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