Love Gone Wrong

Sing me a song
Of love gone wrong
Kill me softly
Kill my thrill

Ring out a dirge
Of a battle lost
The prize of a heart
Conceded to another

Plant my seed
On fairer soil
I lose today
But not forever

Teach me the how
Of other worlds to explore
I’ll lift my trophy
When time is ripe

19 responses to “Love Gone Wrong

  1. Hmmm…the one person that’s mighty impossible to refuse anything?! Really??? How so?! *raised eyebrow* LMAO!

    On a more serious note babycakes, do not mind my antics and do take your pretty lil sweet time too, absolutely no pressures! My word! Just know I’ll be in the wings waiting for you, whenever you do come to! You’re more than worth the wait and if it’d be for all of eternity; by golly; I shall! Whatever works for you! Toodles! *hugs* LOL

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  2. These are such deep and very wonderfully composed lines Zee! As with all things good and bad, there always comes a time when they eventually run their natural causes and come to a screeching halt! For good or bad, we’ll never really know! We oughta just get a move on and look to ourselves for own happiness and peace of mind, cause at the end of the day, we’re all that matters and its all in our hands!

    Love you gurl, tons! Are you on BB?! May I have your pin via DM?! Pretty please?! The honey bunny will be mighty elated! Cheers! LMAO!

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    • Thanks Yemms. You are right. When things run their natural cause, as you aptly put it, and come to a screeching halt, best thing for us is to shrug it off and just move on. I am completely d’accord with you.
      Now for the BB PIN….you know (don’t you) that you are one person that is mighty impossible to refuse any thing. First of all, I know you won’t even take no for an answer, so I won’t even make the attempt…You’ll have it soon. Just watch out for it.

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