Revenge. Really?

His laughter pierced across the room, above the noise of the television, clinking glasses and loud chatter in the bar room. Some of the occupants simply threw a quick glance in his direction and immediately went back to their business. Others got quite curious at the lone stranger’s mien. This wasn’t a regular face in this bar.

The middle-aged man, whose vocal chords had just commanded attention, had a newspaper in his hands and was clearly unaware of the twenty something pairs of eyes that looked in his direction. He emptied his glass in one last big gulp that burned its way down his throat and into his stomach and slammed the glass back hard on the table.

The laughter suddenly disappeared and he became pensive. .

A few minutes passed and I walked up to him. It did not seem that he was aware of my presence so I tapped the table lightly, at the time saying, “hello buddy.”

From his startled response, it was obvious that I had snapped him out of some memory lane he had plunged deep into. The ruffled hair, undone tie hanging loosely around his neck, eyes that looked like they needed a year-long sleep…., my eyes took all of him in.

“Hello,” I said again, hoping he’d at least return my greeting. Silence. Something was obviously stuck in his throat I cynically decided and was about to make towards my chair, when my eyes caught something – a tear. He had been crying! Silently!

That drew me back. As I tried to reach out to him, he withdrew, at the same time standing up to his feet. I stood up too, to be in equal measure. Perhaps he saw the question in my eyes, for he inched closer to me, his forefinger poking my chest in rhythm to his parting words. He said, “Not when you love her buddy. NOT-WHEN-YOU-FREAKING-LOVE-HER!”

Was he drunk? I didn’t think so. Was he reciting a poem? That could hardly be explained by the tear sliding freely down his cheeks, nor by the reddened eyes.

He turned towards the door and walked out of it into the cold dark street. I decided to take a look at whatever it was that he had been reading, and there it was – the answer to my question.

Slightly above where his tear had fallen on the ‘Quotable Quotes’ column of the newspaper, I saw the marked out words that I was seeking.

It read, “When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her.”

Now, you tell me, is it really the best revenge?

16 responses to “Revenge. Really?

  1. Now, after reading those marked out words, I’m not so sure what revenge really means. Smashing someone’s skull would certainly feel good, I guess. ‘Twould feel like real revenge. Lol. It isn’t worth it though.

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    • Lol. Hello Adeokunbohr, I love the honesty of your words and must say they brought a smile to my face. As you rightly said though, such a display of anger isn’t worth it. Better to let go and forgive. That’s where real strength lies.

      Thank you for dropping by my space. Hope to see some more of you. 🙂


  2. Beauty in simplicity! The writing just seemed to flow effortlessly and my highpoint’s gotta be the climax, that threw some light on the subject’s reason for brooding…..brilliantly concocted Honeycomb and regarding the teaser following right after, and am pitching my tent with the heart-broken spouse here, it aint revenge enough since he still loves her! Woulda been if he’d gotten over her, or if as a wife; she was more of an ‘affliction’ to him, you know; bad news, than a blessing! That way, he’d have quite succeeded in getting rid of her! Sad really! LOL

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  3. Assuming that revenge is an option to start with, it’s definitely not the best revenge. Lines like “if you love her you’ll let her go cuz she wants to go” play out well in Bollywood, it’s a hard call in reality.

    Letting the friend keep her isn’t a revenge, it’s just what should be done. Why go through the trouble of fighting for someone who eloped with your friend in the first place? Definitely not worth it. A good revenge would be to let the hurt and betrayal heal…perhaps with the help of a more beautiful woman who could take her place.

    What what do I know sef? 🙂

    Didn’t see that conclusion coming. Great piece!

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  4. I guess that’s what the man meant by his statement! Not when you love her will you be willing to let the other man have her!
    Thought provoking piece! Wow, I’m kind of speechless right now…

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