Breezy Zee

The Z Channel

Day 3.

The third fairy sister has made magic with her wand.

A very apt poem for the season when women strive to make new hairdos and outdo each other.


The things women do …… to me

I can be your crown, if you’ll just let me

My color – red, brown, black or grey

My feel – straight, curly, kinky,

Are things I can’t dictate

I’m fine when you just let me be

A simple adornment is all I need

But ouch! You just wear me out!

Well, life has its twists and turns

And it’s inevitable that I weave my way round it

Sometimes you stretch me beyond imagination

And wonder why my form is brittle

What scares me the most though

Is when you tell me to relax and I fall for it

You promise to make me Dark and Lovely,

Or Soft and Beautiful

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One response to “Breezy Zee

  1. Beauty is not just about the braiding of hairstyles & outward appearances. But it’s about d inner person. Making someone happy is also not about spending too much money. Simple things can go a long way to enliven the heart & make life worth living. 🙂

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