The Serenade

serenade 3serenade 7

I saw you in my dreams last night

I can almost swear that I touched you

You stood under my window

The look of longing on your face

Last night you gave your heart a voice

High above the melody of the band

You were carefree, even careless

Betraying your own soul

With thoughtless abandon

Your accomplices cheering

You clambered up my window

Planted a kiss on my forehead

Tumbled back down as you missed your step

With your comrades loudly teasing

When I woke up this morning

The smell of you filled my soul

Your fragrance still lingers

And Iโ€™m not so sure if this rose

Is one you planted by my windowsill

A memento of The Serenade



23 responses to “The Serenade

  1. Now this is what I’ll call Knife slicing through Butter! The smoothness and the effortlessly sprung ed words. You’re wonderful Zee, you always make me long for True Love…*sighs* whew! This is just too beautiful, and don’t for any reason think this to be a flatter! Keep it up and coming!

    Liked by 1 person

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