Sshhhh….! Hot off the Press


“Sshhh!” she whispered, “this just got off the press!”
Her mouth beckoned my ears with such eager zest
But then a quick recall of last time’s sorry mess
Inspired my retreat, for that, I thought, was best

gossip 8

I’d like to think that I’m her only confidant
But then, of course, I know that would be self-deceit
Sometimes half-truths, sometimes they just are lies blatant
And when they’re true, they’re told with even more conceit


I’ll have you shut your mouth or else move on – next door
Here’s not the kind of burden I would rather share
On what should you be exerting your efforts more?
Methinks to spend your time tending your garden bare


19 responses to “Sshhhh….! Hot off the Press

  1. To say that I detest gossip is an understatement. It is an epic time- sapping machine. And some people have so launched into the business full time discussing what went on where and how, even when they were never there to witness it themselves… so it becomes a tale of Laura confides in Bisi (her close friend) about Bala’s predicament, who then confides in Tope (her close friend) who confides in Shade (her close friend) who confides in me. Who do I say I heard the original story from na?

    Ah! I’ll rather curl up to a nice novel or some good music that banter about how the neighbours brother’s sisters uncles aunt’s grand mother broke her neck on christmas day.

    Welldone ma’am. Your style of writing is unique. Been checking through before I finally decided to launch my comment on here.

    Cheers. 🙂

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    • Aw, thanks ma’am for dropping by. I appreciate you. You’re very right and I didn’t even think about it. Some now make gossip the object of their fulltime preoccupation. So now there are gossip magazines, gossip websites and tv/radio programs. God help the celebrity who’s not in their good books, lol! Thanks again for looking in on my newbie blog. *smiles*


  2. Yeah…Some gossip are like heavy burdens. It’s wise to channel our energies to more important things. Then too whatever we hear must be sieved & scrutinised b4 we swallow them down our throats. Do not become a “town crier” for those that spread falsehood! Nice one BigSis

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  3. A hilarious, pretty dramatic piece, with such great rhythmic flows, moral and gait! Its just as well that whoever bears or tells tales on others for thy listening pleasure, is definitely telling on you too to some others! The best thing therefore is to shut ’em up and shut down the convo! *laughing*

    Listen now Honeycomb, this tidbit’s hot, off of the press, so here goes………You’re evolving and your poems are off tha chainz! Your chosen title’s playful, gleeful, a lotta fun, just the way I like it! Way to go gurl, you’ve gat ‘it’! My word! Respect! LMAO!

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      • *tear* Aw! A very wise, plenty delightsome but highly mischievous Shrink, told me recently; that if I found myself doing something I hadn’t hitherto been doing, it did not just find its way there magically, overnight; its actually been there all along! Deeply buried and just waiting to find expression, by means of a gentle nudge and or a heavy jolt! *laughing*

        Its all you dearie, its been you all along; you only just made a discovery of that fantastic aspect of you! Thanks darl, told ya I’d egg you on to those accomplishments you spoke ’bout and I meant every single letter that phrase carries! Love you tons! Mwah! LOL

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  4. Yeah Right! The best way to discourage gossips, rumors and rumor mongers is to take a retreat, to take a backward step. Nothing good ever come out of gossip/rumor, it destroys us! Thanks Zee, Excellent! I marvel at your insight, at the spinning of wonderful #WebsofPoems! Your wonderful dearie, keep it up and coming…

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