Once Upon A Time, She Was…

insane 3

Once upon a time, she was sane,
Life couldn’t be rosier, like sugarcane,
Ere the pains of life became her bane,
And ‘joie de vivre’ began to wane.

Once upon a time, not so far away,
A frown she could keep at bay,
The Smile, her winning way,
Gracing her face every day.

insane 5

Once upon a time, she ‘danced in the rain,’
Her gust of wind daring the weather vane,
We wondered wherefrom such might and main,
This chatterbox who lit up our erstwhile quiet lane.

Once upon a time before she crossed the line,
The thin boundary between insane and not deranged,
Before she lost the stitch that could have saved her nine,
She must have been lucid, she must have been unchained.



Poet’s personal note: I believe that no person is born with mental illness. This is something that develops over time and then just snaps. We all have to be alert to the warning signs. Support is vital, in addition to seeking prompt professional help. Let us give some love….TODAY.

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21 responses to “Once Upon A Time, She Was…

  1. It’s amazing how things change so drastically that things that used to be so much fun in our mothers’ days become the bedrock for what causes depression. Motherhood for instance was a lot of fun those days, yeah?. But now that women work so hard to keep up with the “bills” at home,coupled with their God given responsibilities as mothers, it becomes devastating! And so goes the change…which is…emotional trauma that leads to a mental disorder, hence insanity. Wow!!! Seriously Big Sis, this is just an angle I could criticise your poem from. Nice one!

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    • Thank you for reblogging. I read your profile and I’m encouraged. To live alone with 4 boys is quite a challenge and I see you’re coming off victorious. Keep at your blogging too, since it gives you real thrill. *Hugs*


  2. In addition to all the wonderful comments
    I feel there should be more support for our elderly people suffering from dementia . The labeling as witches should be eradicated.
    Most of them suffer neglect cos people don’t understand there conditions.

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  3. You did do an awesome job in the composition of this masterpiece Honeycomb! I love the rhythmic flow and sequence of the lines! It’s no mean feat, to rhyme whilst also making such tremendous sense and meaning! This is sheer beaut! Brilliant in every ramifications! Double Wowzer!
    *courteseying* LOL

    Its a fine line between sanity and insanity! In trying to keep it together and getting to that point where one just crosses the threshold, losing it and descending on to a downward spiral at such a momentum that none coulda predicted or seen coming! There’s so much a mortal mind can take, before it decides its had enough and buckles under the strain and pressure, to maintain some sorta ‘normalcy’?!

    Like you said, none is immune from this phenomenon, which is why a balance is duly needed in our daily lives! Work hard, play hard; don’t keep things bottled up inside if you can totally help it; forge quality relationships; have a confidante you can unburden your woes on to, in order to draw some much needed strength to carry on and then the ultimate: look to God for guidance and wisdom to live!

    Thanks for this Zee, its absolutely worth thinking and talking ’bout! God help us all! *hugs*

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  4. Wow…what can I say…#Exquisite!!! Heart Warming and soul touching too…Zee, you know how to bring about the truth and reality of Life. Well done Sweet #Zee

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