Tonight, I wind me down,
Letting go off the frown,
Aping the Fiery Clown,
That yields to the moon its crown.

smiling sun 4

I’m trading off the wrinkle,
In return for the friendly twinkle,
I’ll look out for tomorrow,
Cast not an eye on sorrow.

I’ll count up all my blessings,
Assuredly unnumbered,
I’ll thank the Lord his mercies,
Rejuvenate each morning.

smiling at bedtime

Tonight, I me unwind,
As Day, to a halt grinds,
The beauty of my finds,
I’ll treasure in my mind.



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10 responses to “Tonight

  1. A dreamy lullaby this is Honeycomb, so beyond perfect for bedtime right after nightcap! LOL

    Love the lingo, kinda like ‘Olde English’ and pretty reminscent of my favourite bedtime lines that goes a lil something like this ‘Even as I lay me down to sleep, I pray thee Lord my soul to keep’! I render these lines to myself most nights, just before I retire and call it a night! I find ’em pretty soothing!*laughing*

    Soar on up darl! Got your message on Heath’s page and they’re well received too! Its the holidays and everyone’s neck plus knee-deep in one preoccupation or the other, but overcome we shall! Thanks for looking in again, I ‘ppreciate and love thou tons! Mwah! LOL

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    • Lol! Olde English alright. And yeah I remember those words from I don’t know where….Maybe an old school rhyme or something but it does convey our willingness to let go each night and entrust our lives in God’s able hands. Just again realised I missed your last post. Wonder why. I think I am going to have to follow and refollow you. That should right whatever is happening there. Catchya later Numero Uno!

      Liked by 1 person

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