Angry Rantings: Bully Boss

bullying 3

If I could reach into its place

And bring my heart out

You would see the many scars

Created by you, Bully Boss


When, Bully Boss, will you free me

Of your temper tantrums?

Of the arsenal of your tongue

Coated with lethal venom?


You give me a cent

And take back nine

I want to make a living

You’d rather have my life


I try to make myself but you mar me

I try to heal but you afflict me

I try to advance, you’re my drawback

I try to live but you kill me

Bully 1

I’ve died a thousand times, for you

And risen just as many times, for Me

I’m strong Bully Boss, can’t you see?

Stronger than you’d ever care to admit


You’re weak Bully Boss, you’re weak,

Your temper controls you

Your tongue has you under subjection

You yield to its every whim


But then thank you Bully Boss, thank you

Because of you, I know who I am

I am beautiful, resilient, valiant

The half of me, you’ll never know





12 responses to “Angry Rantings: Bully Boss

  1. May be Bully Boss is there to bring to the fore your latent abilities and graces which would have remained dormant but for the Boss. Two lessons should come from this: 1. when you become your own boss, don’t treat yourself with less discipline. 2. Device a better way to get the best out of the people who will work for you then. A little kindness may even achieve more.

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  2. Fantastic! 🙂 “Bully Boss” is roaring like a lion, seeking for someone to devour. And let me remind you Big Sis, He is just a catapult to plunge you to your Zenith. Without him, you’ll never really know the strength in you. Hence, you suddenly re-invigorated the “power of writing” all thanks to “Bully Boss”! 🙂

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  3. Wow! Now that’s what I call Brilliant! This got me laughing, but then when opne read closely enough, one would understand that this exactly what we go through day to day in the hands of various employers. You capture every feelings of the heart in one poem. Nice job #Zee, keep it up!

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  4. So this piece got me laughing out loud! Another beautiful concept Zee, versatility’s thy name gurl! I love how you thrash out different societal vices with your pieces and this is sheer hilarity and pretty sarcastic too! Those illustrations bring it all together! Well done!

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    • Thanks o jare Yemie. Workplace bullying really has got to stop. Many people just go through it without doing anything about it. How can Bully Boss tell me I never do anything right, simply because he never can be pleased? Mtcheeeeew! If we ask#Topazo, I’m sure he’ll confirm that this is what is behind many a depression case. Please let Bully Boss free us jòó!

      Phew! Okay now that my anger is quelled, let me go back to my good manners. Thanks for your comments. You’re an absolute darling. Mwah!


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