Random Memories

Random Memories

Rousing in the morning

Just when the day is dawning

Stretching out and yawning

Alarm clock clearly warning!


Gobbling up a muffin

Gulping lots of coffee

Popping in a toffee

My body simply bluffing


Snapping close my briefcase

Doing up my shoelace

Kissing Cutie goodbye

Awaiting not her reply


These are random memories

Of my city hustles

Not without the bustle

And occasional reveries


Now has come the sunset

With seeds of mighty regret

For Cutie is another’s

Our love has grown asunder



8 responses to “Random Memories

  1. This piece is so contemporary and metropolitan! A lotta folks can plenty relate with this! Striking a balance between family life and work’s daunting but its gotta to done to forestall against a situation like this one! Great stuff Zee, ride on high!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Uche, one of the liberties accorded a writer is that of entering into the mind and situations of others and saying what they would, if they could. It’s called imagination. Thanks for asking though.


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