I am Youthful

youthful 4

My love is on his way to me.

I can feel him, smell him, hear him say,

“Wait! Don’t say “yes” before I get there,

I’m coming as fast as I can make it.”


I hear your whisper my love,

Distinct like thunder in the rain,

Cajoling, compelling,

To wait one more day.

Youthful 3

I am Youthful, my beauty boundless,

I am Focused, my eyes only for you,

I am Faithful, dutifully preserving

My heart and self, of which you’re deserving


How long till you come, my love?

Hope’s flicker I no more can tell.

With your twinkle you bathe me just then,

And again, I am Youthful.

10 responses to “I am Youthful

  1. Your concepts are truly endearing, pretty adoring too! This is like a ‘Dear John’ letter to a beloved, who’s a long way off! What will be, will be and sometimes, when you love someone and set ’em free like a butterfly; if its in the stars that you’d be together, then all will come together so effortlessly, no matter the hitches and obstacles along the way!

    You nailed this Zee, well done! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Yemie, it’s really all a question of trying to stay calm and optimistic while waiting for that special someone. Never too late for real love, ‘cos when it comes, it more than compensates for the long wait or any pain and longing hitherto endured.


  2. Wow..another masterpiece! Beautiful!!! Nice job Zee, this speaks of true feelings and longing for the one you truly care about…in a way, True Love makes one to be #Youthful always..smiles…

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