Will You Let Me?


I want to listen with my heart

To hear the words that you’re not telling

I want to gaze into your eyes

To see beyond the borders of these steely pair

I want to kiss your lips

And unearth the secrets that lie there within

I want to draw close

And smell the truest fragrance of your soul

I want to hold your hands

And unleash feelings you never knew existed

So here’s me asking, “will you let me?”

11 responses to “Will You Let Me?

  1. Aw! I want to let you Honeycomb, I REALLY do, but no can do! *tongue out* LMAO!

    This piece sizzles! Deep stuff too! ‘I want to listen with my heart, and hear words you’re not telling’! I like those lines a lot and I infact wish I could do that more often with my homies! That would be wayyy cool! You brought this in a mighty big way Zee! Kudos!

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  2. She actually did let me and I discovered secrets sweeter than honey, ecstatic treasures more precious than gold, arcane discoveries more powerful than the life essence of coca plants….She let me….

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  3. Wow….Beautifully penned! All these Loves you ppl are just sharing, Chai, *Diarisgodo! I’m a die hard romantic, and I love anything that is about True Love and Romance, well done Zee, keep it up…

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