Through his eyes

My little one is so active and his energy simply amazes me. Today, as I sit watching him play, I wonder what goes on in that young mind of his. Well here’s me imagining things thru his young eyes. But then, don’t take my word for it…

boy 1

Hello, my name is Deedee. I’m a B-O-Y!

I’ve often wondered why my parents gave me such a feminine name but it’s ok, I forgive them. But just in case I get tired someday, I’ll switch to D-O-N. Yeah, those are my very exact initials! And I’ll be controlling an empire, hopefully….

african baby golfer

I’m 3 years old. My mum thinks I’m cute but I think that should be kept for ‘little brother,’ who just loves to be patronized. I just want to live my life free of hassles, that’s all. Mum says I’m high in energy but tell me of any able-bodied boy my age who isn’t.

As simple and beautiful as life is, there are some things that I just don’t understand. Like the scowl on my mum’s face when she exclaims, “Deedee what are you doing?” and I honestly say “Mum, I know what I am doing.” Come on mum, I’m only exercising my creative license!


Or the scuttling that happens when mum and dad suddenly realize that I have wandered away from them to another corner of the house. And they bump into each other trying to find me and get me back under their “watchful” eyes. Hey folks, I’m trying to discover my “calling.”

Hey, (whispering) did I tell you I started school at 21months? Mum and dad couldn’t wait for the school year to end and just whisked me off to school one morning, in the middle of the 3rd term. Don’t get me wrong, I think school is fun. You see, on my very first day in school, I didn’t stay in class. I just played the whole day in the school courtyard, popping in to say hello every now and then to every class. It was one of my best times ever. I remember the headmaster asking a teacher with big bulging eyes that I thought would pop out of his head: ” is this not the new boy?” I didn’t wait to hear the reply.

Everyone in class is my best friend, seriously. There’s Jayde and Toby and Olivia and Ada, etcetera, etcetera (that’s to tell you that there are about 20 of ’em in my class). They always make me feel special. Which is why I never must get late to school. The one morning I got into class late was quite exhiliarating for me but from the look on my momma’s face, she was embarrassed. As I stepped into the class, all my classmates  got off their seats , yelling  ‘”yay, Deedee is here” and kinda startling the teacher. Hmm,  give me a better definition of ‘standing ovation’.

standing ovation

Anyways, we’re now past the “songs and rhymes only” stages of school and recently, we’ve started some serious stuff like writing, counting and doing homework. Is it getting boring? I don’t know. Well, if you’re reading this, you probably are an adult so tell me: Is school boring? I really need to know what you think now, cos my mind is pretty much made up about what I want to become. By the way, it’s not a doctor, or lawyer, or accountant, marketer or any of the big names you hear today. Mum thinks that because I love to sing and fiddle with her guitar, I might do very well at music but nah, nothing could be further from the truth.

All I ever really wanted to do was make food. Uhuh! F-O-O-D. I’m wondering why mum hasn’t noticed that I love to lurk around the kitchen. Maybe because she’s too busy chasing me out of it. Again, I let it pass. But don’t read me wrong. When I said “make food,” I meant “grow good.” Yes, verily I say unto thee, I want to be a farmer.

kid on farm 4

I haven’t quite worked out the mechanics yet but I really do want to be a farmer. That’s the only way I’m sure to remain my happy me. Besides, why do many of you adults work so hard? Isn’t it to put food on your table? So I’ll be just fine if I can grow the food and you can buy from me. How’s that?

In any case, I’ll just have to put that in the coolers for now. The powers that be (and that’s mum and dad), say I still must get through school. How many years is that? Oh please let’s not even go there! While waiting at it, I’ll just listen to my favorite song.

Thank you for your time. I’ll be signing out for now. Um, did I tell you I’d love to hear your thoughts on my mini-biography? I’m waiting…

24 responses to “Through his eyes

  1. I enjoyed reading this…brought me pleasant thoughts. I think you did well with this piece, our dear Ziks. Maybe you should work on making this into a longer narrative which you might want to consider publishing… Of course, with painted pictures. This biography, believe me, has potential that shouldn’t be left on the static pages of a blog.
    Well done. Well done.

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  2. When I watch my little nephew who’s running on three now, I am thoroughly amazed too. So much energy and activity, and you’ll wonder what spurs him on. When he tries to express himself, you can’t help but laugh at the seriousness his face holds as if he really understands what he is saying, and he wills you to understand him too. Ah, babies are God’s wonderful gift to us indeed. When they are not being troublesome, they bring us out and away from our distant worries and brighten our faces with brilliant smiles and laughter! We are glad to have them.

    You did a wonderful work here trying to see through his eyes and just maybe, you got it right? We’ll never really know. Hahah. He does sound liike a smart and lovable kid, who just wants to let his hair down and enjoy life, he doesn’t seem to have too much time to spend worrying and that’s much needed in a world riddled with highs and lows.

    Here’s wishing him a happy growth, and wonderful times ahead. And yeah, his kid brother too.

    Welldone ma’am. 🙂

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    • You’re completely right, children are God’s gift to us and sometimes a look at them is all you need to bring a smile to your face and heart in the middle of so much stress. Thanks Me for your love and I’ll certainly let Deedee and his kid brother know they’ve got one lovely well-wisher in you. *hugs*

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      • Deedee, (why ever did he get that name? thinking out loud) Oh well…
        I enjoyed reading this… lovely. To think that ‘Me’ has dropped her thoughts here too, and Yemie and all the good people. Where was I? Maybe looking out for the Deedees in my life, abi? Hee hee hee…

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        • ☺Hi Su’eddie. Good to see your footprints on these sands. You’re welcome. Deedee is actually just a pet name and he is so used to being called that (sometimes even the popularity of the pet name dwarfs that of the real name).
          About Me, Yemie, Swag, Topazo and all the good people gracing my site with their presence, I’ll just say it’s a privilege and with you here to top it up, what more can a sister want?😀

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  3. Aw! Of a truth, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world! Viva Yummy Mummies and mums-to-be, Whoop! Whoop!! Whoop!!! We rock pieces! LOL

    Owkay! Viva Daddies and Daddies-to-be as well, they rock soo much more! *laughing*

    Awesome and pretty creative piece this! Its unique and makes for such a fun read too! It also reminds me of a show I was hooked on to back in the days, anchored by Bill Cosby titled ‘Kids say the darndest things’! Thanks for this Zee, I love it and God bless and keep our precious ones and us too! Kudos!

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    • Lol! I had so much fun writing this one. And yeeesss! I remember ‘Kids Say The Darndest Things’ hosted by Bill Cosby alright. Twas really fun to watch. Do you remember the episode on the proper pronunciation of spa-ghe-tti? The little darling still ended up sticking to his favorite bas-ke-tti. That, to him, was how it’s supposed to be called. Lol!


  4. Nice write up
    I read it through my cartoon mind. Hehehe

    My three year old still plays at home enjoying childhood …
    Won’t be starting till he is 4 or 5

    He wants to be a palaeontologist hehehe

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