The Phantom

It oft is said, “when something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

fantasy 4

You came, Whirlwind, you came,

Sweeping me off my feet,

Charting me a new course,

One I’d rather not walk.

Friends you said we’d be,

That was just fine by me,

For you see, I belonged to another,

And Us asunder, I would not have.

But that manner, that gait, that subtlety,

Your finesse that took my breath away,

Found me asking, loyalty flinching,

“Where have you been all my life?”

You gained me slowly but surely,

Then voom, in the flash of an instant,

You’re gone and lost forever,

Was that a mirage I saw or something?

I smile that knowing smile:

I should have known

You were the Phantom

The fleeting fantasy that never was

12 responses to “The Phantom

  1. The cold breeze of reality against a phantom whirlwind… Whirlwinds are exciting and give waves of adrenaline rush on which we surf….they are also implacably destructive…don’t give no quarter! We are safer with the familiar anytime. Whirlwinds are never worth it! When they are done, it seems they were never around but the debris of the wreckage they leave lingers. However, the cool, gentle breeze keeps and on….

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  2. *standing ovation* This is sooo banging Zee! I absolutely dig that title, coolness!

    Aw! This is just what fantasies are made of! For a moment; all’s so real and surreal and the next; you get a brainwave and snap right outta your reverie, returning back to good old stark, biting, extremely cold reality! And then you begin to wonder ‘what in the world just happened here’?! The moments shared though, you’d forever treasure! *laughs*

    This resonates dearie, and you brought it soo good too! Double thumbs up!

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  3. Wow! Well composed and filled with meditative meanings. You’re good, yes you do. I love this, and very much at that. Keep it up Chi.


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