What Time Is It?

Imagining that my life were a 24-hour day, what time would it be now? It’s hard to contemplate: would my answer be determined by how long I would like to live or by how long I already have? Hmmm, I’m not so sure of which, or if indeed either would count. Really, not many people would give it a thought.

However, have you noticed how your priorities quickly change when you realize you have deadlines or are given a time ultimatum?

Really, if you were told that from this moment, you had exactly 5 years, 3 years, 2 years or just one more to live, or perhaps a month, or a week or only 1 day, what are those things that would suddenly appear in your to-do list or immediately jump the queue to occupy your top 10? These are the things you should do now.

I remember reading a story of a widower who was rummaging through his wife’s things and saw some lingerie she had bought a few days before her demise. She had planned to wear it on some special occasion. She never did because for her that day never came. But if she had known that she would not live to witness that special event, would she have worn it to the mall or the office or some other “less special” place? Perhaps.

Some get the wakeup call after an accident, or at the doctor’s office – the grim announcement of a terminal illness, for example – and everything takes on new meaning.

Although what we consider important is sometimes determined by our milieu, I believe that there are things that are key in the absolute sense, irrespective of our race or background, things without which we cannot be called successful, no matter the magnitude of our material achievements. In my opinion, there’s spirituality and there’s family. There’s relationship and the pursuit of that natural God-given talent, perhaps other things too.

Whatever our wakeup call is though, it is usually time to de-clutter our lives and use our mental secateurs to trim out unnecessary quests- distractions at best – and instead nurture the things that really matter. Our garden looks its best after it has been recently pruned. In a similar way, we will feel and look our best when we take out all the muddle and let the real stuff command our attention.

So what time is it? Time to forge that friendship or mend that relationship, write that book or start that blog or tell that special person how you feel about him or her? Whatever it is, the time is now and the place is here.


72 responses to “What Time Is It?

  1. Zee, I told you the site is up. she has not posted anything yet. Look at her Icon, can’t you see it has changed? if you click on it, it will take you to her blog though it will not show any post. the next step is getting her to write that first post. I assure you that by tomorrow, she would have posted her first post…


  2. 1. Zee, Yemie has done what she did to my blog, ignite it and set it on fire. I read the convos and I couldn’t help smiling…
    2. you are Yemie are sisters, long lost, separated by the cruel hands of fate but has found your way to each other in a sizzling and epic reunion…
    3. this piece is a child of introspection. it bears great thought provoking words, and the delivery, oh so smooth.
    4. your concluding paragraph was right on point and the part about “time..to start that blog..” please tell your sister (Yemie) that it is time o… every blogger she has met has assumed she was a maestro of some space on the blogosphere and have requested to come learn from her…alas, she has broken many a heart. some have commented that they enjoy her comments more than the posts themselves and some readers ask the blogger about her if she hasn’t visited in a while….please tell her o…
    5. maybe we should start a campaign #Yemiestartthatblognow

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    • *standing ovation* I applaud you Doc, for the great and charismatic orator that you art! Emotional blackmail never looked quite soooo…… beguiling?! Better luck next time, its NOT working! Hmph! LOL


          • Seriously? Woooh! can’t wait to read all the ‘hawt’ stuff she’s been brewing all this while.
            @Yemie – My dear, you so rock that anything you post, I will read, trust me, cos I know the stuff you’re made of. Welcome to the blogosphere girl.


          • Oh My Word Z-gurl, don’t tell me you totally fell for that bit hook, line and sinker?! Did you???Hahahaha! Its a fluke o! Dr Temitope Ogundare’s well known for his mischiefs and pranks! His mischiefs have got absolutely no limits! Plus, am NOT buying into this blog he’s peddling! Its just part of his antics and pranks, borne outta me calling his bluffs! I have no part in it at least, not as yet! Any posts emanating from that site’s NOT my brainchild and I won’t be ‘arm-twisted’ by the eternal mischief maker himself, whose persona; I am sooo beyond fascinated by, to do that; which am certainly not good and ready for! Chai! Dr Temitope Ogundare will not be the death of me! *laughing*

            Thanks girl, enjoy! *winks* lol


          • Hehehe! I know Doc, trust me I do! Let me do this at my own pace y’all! I already sound like a broken record and am feeling so guilty right now! Once I get my ducks in a row, I’ll get to it! How ’bout it?! Pretty please y’all with chocolate fudge and cherries on top! I mean, however can you say no to that?! Have a heart guys, please?! *smiley face*


          • Se ducks in a row nikan ni…chickens in a circle nko….Yemie..waiting with bated breath n I dont hv an oxygen tank….dnt let me be on ur conscience oooo……do the needful…by the way…I enjoyed the fudge…loooool…


          • Ahem! (clears throat).Ok. let me step in as “moderator” of this conversation………….
            Hello Yemie, Dr. Swag & Topazo. How y’all been? I can see I didn’t stand you up, cos you guys have been having fun. Day was really busy. Just getting a breather. Topazo, welldone o! Thanks a ‘bunsh.’ Totally fell for that hook, line, sinker PLUS fisherman, Was now looking for website wey no loss. You try.
            Anyways, have fun. Yemie dear, no worries, seeing that this kind of thing is not to be hurried, I’ll wait till whenever. Cos I know then, it’ll be worth the wait. Cheers


  3. Hmmmmmm! As I read this,tears ran down my cheeks. This is a masterpiece! Big Sis…thanks for dis luvly reminder. It carries d sentiments of Ecclesiastics 9:10


  4. Wow! Sounds like a speech a seasoned motivational instructor would dish out to his audience! Deep! This sizzles piping ‘hawt’ Zee and I totally agree with your line of thoughts! Time waits for no man and tomorrow, even the next second is promised noone! We should appreciate and live each day like its our last! I make sure to seize my days, everyday; its what keeps me sane in an otherwise ‘insane’ world! God bless ya for this darl, wisdom and grace multiplied! Peace n love! LOL

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