I did not desire you


I did not desire you

But you found your way into my matrix

Where you’ll safely nestle up

Until you’re ready to make your debut


Still beats me though

How you pulled that off

Thought I had it all squared

So much for taking “measures!”


My palms get wet, my heart pumps wild,

I ponder what the journey will be:

Merry or irksome?

I question the wisdom of playing sane


My disquietude, barely noticeable,

My disbelief‘s so glaring,

The denial, oh no!

Another ME in the making……..!


And now I tread softly,

Lest I rouse you from rest,

This sweet, sweet sleep,

That I now oh so covet!


When I start to waddle,

Will you cozy up and say, “easy does it Ma?”

Or in my mind’s eye, warm up and whisper,

“Ma…everything will be just fine?”


Will you be the busy bee?

Or the gentle flower that it pollinates?

Will you be like the boiling volcano?

Or the quiet force that can subdue it?


Will I be able to say a French, “bonne arrivée?”

Or make do with a silent “à plus tard?”

Now I’m melancholy,

It’s hard not to be.


In spite of myself though,

Can’t wait for us both to berth,

We’ll pray and say,

“With us is God.”



Dedicated to all women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy but who, realizing the sacredness of life, decide to keep it anyway.


8 responses to “I did not desire you

  1. One thing amazes me about this poem, which is the title. It was a suspense for me. I had a totally diff. thought,only to be taken unawares by the development of the words! It’s a delicious “suspense poem”…:)


  2. OHK! So I finally found my way to you Zee and guess what I find?! A beautifully composed masterpiece! Am soo loving this gurl, its banging! Emotionally-ladened and really touching! You did so well to capture the ruminations of one who’s ‘plagued’ with a situation such as this!

    Nice one dear, you totally brought this and I must also add that whether a child be planned or not, every child’s a gift and a blessing from God, well deserving of unconditional love and absolute care! God alone knows best why He allowed such a conception to take place! It definitely must be destiny, of something bigger; beyond the comprehension of mere mortals! No human created is an accident or a waste of space! Kudos girl; me likey! LOL


    • Yemiiiieeee! Hey girl, good to see you here. So you sought me out ehn? In fact, ori mi wu. Thanks for the encouraging thoughts dear. Indeed, every child is a gift from God, no matter what the circumstances of its conception or birth are.


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