My Miracle, God-sent


I sit, I stare at you,
I stand, I applaud you,
You strive, you surmount,
You thrive, you survive!

I watch your eyes light up,
With glee, when you reach your goal,
When you call me daddy instead of mummy,
I say, “What the heck?” Might just as well be a female daddy!

I fall in love with you all over,
Each time you say,
“I run,” or “I jump,”
Or “I finish it,” after a voraciously demonstrated appetite.

You make me laugh,
You make me proud,
You’re my healing,
My Miracle, God-sent.


4 responses to “My Miracle, God-sent

  1. Aw! This is so sweet! Almost got me tearing up as I reminsced on my own experiences with my one in a million bundle! This resonates on a massive scale and am also reminded of a sister, who’s a single mum. She’s been the sole custodian of her lil adorable princey as far back as when she’d first realized she’d fallen preggers! And then came that golden time for first words and you wouldn’t guess what word the lil lad gleefully said….’Da da’! She was enraged and just launched into a bicker of how she’d been the one taking care of him! She was sorely aggrieved! *laughing*

    Nice one sis and may God bless and keep our little treasures IJN; Amen.


    • Our lit’l ones… What would we be without them? They amaze us, they amuse us. They thrill us, they fill us. Sometimes, they surprise us (like your sister whose grouse I completely understand *winks*), but hey, they are still the most honest and the most beautiful. Really, they do make us. Thanks Yemie for sharing your experience. I’m feeling you girl.


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