Stranger Amongst Us


Thief Clip Art

A stranger has crept in among us, an alien,

It snuck in on us, while we were yet slumbering,

Only awakening us to its devastating blow,

Wishing only “if we had known.”


It rode on the back of the Liberian courier,

Destroying in its wake, its deadly aftermath,

Dreams yet undreamt, plans yet unplanned,

A child yet unborn, a tomorrow never to come.


Taking our wives, our husbands, our children,

Bringing forth orphans of our kith and kin,

Creating martyrs (and partyrs, if you wish),

Stealing the future before it even began.


The debaters debate, or is it deliberate they call it,

As the onslaught continues and candles extinguish,

And they wonder if it’s time, to put chalk back to board

When that is only a call to perish.


A stranger has crept in among us, a thief,

Planting a seed here and there and anywhere,

And as we marvel at the sheer strength of its weaponry,

We wonder where next: hither, thither or neither.


19 responses to “Stranger Amongst Us

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  2. Hmm…’creating martyrs and ‘partyrs’, if you so wish’! Wow, that’s sheer brill! However did you come up with that?! A nicely penned poem, capturing the onset of the Ebola scourge and its attendant destructive effects on its victims! A chain reaction of unfortunate occurences! Thankfully, its been contained thus far and we pray it remains that way!

    Words were made for you girl, write on! LOL


  3. Chi, words carefully picked; thoughts carefully directed. This has awaken a passion to read, to write and to express my thinking in this most beautiful expression of the mind – poems. Well-done!


  4. Beautiful! An interesting read! I have always loved your creative writing skills. Now time for the rest of the world to see and apprciate.
    Look out world, hear she comes!


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